Providing metal solutions

We fabricate from all types of materials for a whole host of fabrications for the workplace.

These range from bespoke work benches, special purpose tables, lifting frames, notice boards, safety steps to specialised enclosures and barriers. We are happy to produce batch sizes from one to hundreds, we are confident that every product has been made to the same levels of quality and suitability.

MIG welding
We carry out MIG welding in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Our workshops produce both production welded products as well a bespoke fabrications to meet our customer’s needs. We have two Migmatic 353 Mig welding cells where we carry out welding to a high standard with full inspection.
TIP TIG welding
William Engineering has invested in this state of the art approach in order to maintain a key principle, we have always placed the core of our service; to bring the best workmanship on every project we undertake for our clients:
• The innovative new TIG Cold/Hot Wire and PLASMA welding technology
• TIP TIG ensures excellent quality and very economical
• TIP TIG welding is as fast as Pulsed MIG, but provides all the advantages of the TIG welding process
• Excellent metallurgical and mechanical results — for all materials
• Low heat input = low weld distortion = little rework = cost savings to your benefit
• TIP TIG welding can be automated easily = increases efficiency by producing high quality output consistently TIP TIG guarantees excellent quality
Spot welding
Spot welding is one of the oldest welding processes. It can be used on very thin metal but is rarely used above 5mm thickness.
It is used in a wide range of industries but notably for the assembly of sheet steel parts. High quality welds can also be made in stainless steels, nickel alloys, aluminium alloys and titanium, it is highly used within the aerospace and the automation industry.

Powder coating paint line

Powder coating is an environmentally responsible finishing technology that allows us to give your product strong, durable, and eye-pleasing protection from corrosion. The finish is functional and long lasting. Powder coating provides excellent resistance to corrosion, heat, impact, abrasion, fading from sunlight and extreme weather. The colour options and textures are almost limitless.

Parts are cleaned prior to painting, then powder is electro-statically applied with a nordSon powder gun. Then the parts are sent through an energy efficient infra red oven where the powder is melted and fused into a smooth coating. Parts are then individually packed before shipping.

Benefits of powder coating

  • One-coat coverage without runs or sags
  • No solvents to mix or recover
  • No viscosity balance to maintain
  • No flash-off time requirements
  • Reject rate can be kept low because damaged coating can be blown off and recoated before heat cure
Excellence of finish
  • Readily available resins can provide one or a combination of desirable characteristics including: durability, resilience, high gloss, electrical insulation, toughness and resistance to wear, corrosion, impact, chemical action and weather
  • Powder manufacturers now offer a complete range of colours plus excellent colour matching
Ease of application
  • Consistent finish characteristics and electrostatic "wrap-around" reduce the need for highly skilled operators
  • Process for changing colours is very quick
  • Production time can often be reduced, as one coat will do the job

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